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What’s inside

Mineral Composition

100% Alkaline Water

Antibacterial Alkaline uses 100% Natural stones which are found only in Japan and approved by Health Ministry of Japan. It reincarnates water into 100% alkaline water.


Restores the pH balance in your body and boost your immunity. Full of minirals like Magnesium and calcium essential to build healthy bone.


Oxidatives stress weakens our immune system and makes our body vulnerable to disease Alkaline Water Boosts your immunity and Decelerates

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Alkaline water penetrates easily and quickly absorbed in our cells Proper hydration, your family perfect health to better living


Drinking alkaline water rejuvenates our body, making us more refreshed and energized Antibacterial Alkaline water increases your vitality and helps you fight fatigue.


Neutralize the Acidity from our body. Paramount Antibacterial alkaline water is a powerful solvent that is superb for detoxification. It flushes out the toxins in our body

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Water Purifier:Buy Water Purifier Online at bestprice

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Water Purifier:Buy Water Purifier Online at bestprice

Nationwide Network

We operate, distribute and service Pan India, making sure you have 100% pure and healthy water, anytime, anywhere.

Paramount Range of Water Solution

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Water Purifiers

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Water Dispenser

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Water Coolers

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Water Softener

Drinking adequate water can help your body
function better and reduce fatigue

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