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PARAMOUNT PURE, “SWACHH PIYO, SWASTH JIYO” strives to promote the idea of drinking pure and living healthy. Across India, millions of our citizens become exposed to unsafe drinking water containing high amounts of TDS, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, chemicals and other water borne diseases.

Purity is Brevity

Making availability of safe drinking water a living reality for a better healthy living and an overall wellbeing of your family.

Our Vision

Exemplifies building a socially responsible brand focused on providing top of the line health solutions for consumers. Our cutting edge technology and Advanced Innovative Products makes it possible for us to purify all aspects of consumer’s life. Our world class safety standards, quality, hygiene measures and services ensures the distribution of safe drinking water all across households to promote an overall peace of mind while using our products.

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Continuously aiming to “Provide the Right Product at the Right Price”

According to UNICEF, it is estimated that waterborne diseases have an economic burden of approximately USD 600 million a year in India. Moreover, only 50% of the population has access to safely managed drinking water. Chemical contamination of water is placed in 1.96 million dwelling.” With the current depletion rate of natural resources and highly contaminated water exposure it becomes our absolute priority to provide purity for all, using our innovative products and health care solutions.

Our products are best in class & easy to handle with the least maintenance cost in category. Our focus is to provide effective and impeccable customer service through our well organized service network (24X7) .

At Paramount Pure we believe that ‘Purity is Brevity’ and should be extended to all households at all times.