Germ Safe Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

//Germ Safe Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

Germ Safe Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser




Other machines dispense liquid but we use advanced Nozzles & Sensors to dispense 100% Mist that gently coats your hands.

Best Suited for Offices, Shop, Societies, School & College etc.


  • Dual ultrasonic sensor for variable rang & long durability.
  • Intelligent PCB inside.
  • Optimal mist control with advance nozzle.
  • Laboratory approved 100% alcohol and ethyl resistant material
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Life time warranty on tank.
  • 7Ltr. tank to serve large Offices, Shools, Malls & Corporate Houses.
  • LED indication on each dispensing.

Our Product is approved with CE and ISO standard

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Material Capacity Dimensions Weight Input Power Operating Voltage Dispensing Volume
100% Ethyl Alcohol & Isopropyl Alcohol Resistant Body 7 Ltrs 320x260x475 (L X W X H)MM 4.0 Kg 210-230V AC 24 V/DC 4-5 ML Can be Customized


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