Intello 140 Manual Carbon Filter

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Intello 140 Manual Carbon Filter


Product Features & Specifications


Model Manual Automatic
Vessel Diameter (inch)
24 24
Vessel Height (inch)
72 72
Silex Media (in Kgs)
25 25
Carbon media (in Kg)
175 150
Activation Media Only Backwash Only Backwash
Maximum Flow (X1000 Ltrs/Hr)
14 14
Multiport Valve Type
Manual Manual
Multiport valev Size & Mounting
40 NB Side Mount 40 NB Side Mount
Maximum Operating Pressure
3.5 Bar 3.5 Bar


Benefits of Paramount Carbon Filter Use

Removing Bad Odor and Taste.
Removing colors.
Removing contaminants and organic chemicals, asbestos, cysts, lead, certain, pesticides.

Additional information

Water Softener Type

Automatic, Manual


Flowrate – 14000 LPH, Fully Automatic Backwash


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