Intello 20 Manual/Automatic Water Softener

///Intello 20 Manual/Automatic Water Softener

Intello 20 Manual/Automatic Water Softener


Product Features & Specifications


Model Manual Automatic
Vessel Diameter (inch)
12 12
Vessel Height (inch)
48 48
PPL 1200 Resin (Qty in Ltrs)
75 50
Silex Media (Kgs)
*Output (X1000)Ltrs on 200 ppm Hardnes
20 14
Maximum Flow (X1000 Ltrs/Hr)
2 2
Activation Media Industrial Salt Industrial Salt
Brine Tank Capacity (Liters)
80 120
Salt Quantity (Kg) each Regenration
12 8
Multiport Valve Type
Manual Automatic
Multiport valev Size & Mounting
20NB Top Mount 20NB Top Mount
Maximum Operating Pressure
3.5 Bar 3.5 Bar


Benefits of Paramount Water Softener

Reduce the washing time effort and cost.
Avoid corrosion/stain forming on utensils or retain shine on utensils.
Reduce the time and cost of cooking.
Reduce plumbing problems with scales deposition on bathroom fittings.
Reduce soap, shampoo and detergent consumption.

Additional information

Dimensions 345 × 345 × 1275 mm
Water Softener Type

Automatic, Manual


Flowrate – 2000 LPH, Fully Automatic Regenration Based


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