Intello 400 Manual Water Softener

///Intello 400 Manual Water Softener

Intello 400 Manual Water Softener


Product Features & Specifications

Diameter (inches) 48
Height (inches) 72
Resin . (Qty in Ltrs) 1300
Silex Media in Kg 100
NaCI Quantity in Kg for each Regeneration 240
Output(x1000)Ltrs on 200PPM Hardness 412
Max Flow Rate (x1000 Ltr/Hr) 40
Multiport valve Size & Mounting Frontal Pipe 3″
Maximun Operating Pressure 3.5 Bar


Intello 400 Manual Water Softener

How to use manual Water Softener?

The method of manual water softener is just fit in-line from mains cold water and that spur with no control valve.

The model suits good as whole house water softener or  home water softener.

If you are planning a water softener system  or water softener for for house, please feel free to talk to our experts for better guidance. Contact Here

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water softener cost depends on hardness of water and other crieteria, we suggest you book an appointment with our team to analyze the location to provide good solution, book an appointment here



Additional information

Dimensions 345 × 345 × 1275 mm
Water Softener Type

Automatic, Manual


Flowrate – 40000 LPH


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